Our Philosophy...

Working Concepts has a simple and realistic approach to case management. Once a client has physically met their potential, the most effective return to work plan will be put in place. Whether or not there is a job to return to, we should be involved.

Individualized Services.

Every client’s circumstances are unique and deserve to be managed with an individualized approach. Working Concepts understands this and once a client is referred, a case manager will meet with the them to identify the barriers affecting their return to work and offer solutions. Clients will receive tailored services that help eliminate obstacles and improve their chances to return to work.

Improving Patient Care.

Providing quality patient care is tough. Working Concepts understands your priorities and we will help shoulder the burden so the additional needs of injured workers are met. Working Concepts will provide a lending hand by simplifying or completely alleviating the numerous forms and additional paperwork and continuously monitor our client’s services. We want our client’s physician to remain the medical expert and stay focused on what’s most important – patient care.

Keeping Priorities Straight.

Working Concepts provides exceptional field case management as well as other rehabilitation services with a return-to work goal in mind. We are an independent provider of vocational rehabilitation services with no investor ties to a MCO to ensure that the best interests of injured workers are served.

Keeping You Informed.

We know you are busy, but keeping informed about your case is crucial in order to advise your clients appropriately. With Working Concepts, you can expect copies of reports, plans, and letters faxed to your office and phone calls when barriers arise. For those clients with more serious injuries, we can assist you in the daunting task of collecting vocational data for hearing and settlement.